There are a few considerations when it comes to rare French Bulldog Colors. The location is one of the major ones because certain genes are more or less common depending on the area. If we were to take some of the subjectivity out of the discussion and look at the math, it may break down easier.

Color Genes

What makes A French Bulldog color rare is recessive gene pairings. Recessive Colors require two pairings to form a color. The following French Bulldog Colors require 2 copies, one from each parent:

  • Blue
  • Chocolate
  • Cocoa
  • Cream

It is fairly common to find French Bulldogs with one color or even two. However, it becomes increasingly rare the more combinations of recessive Colors.

Blue French Bulldog Adult (Delphi)
Blue French Bulldog

Two color Frenchies

French Bulldog Colors often work together to create new Colors, but sometimes one color takes over the French, such as cream. Here are the rare French Bulldog Colors that require two recessive colors:

  • Lilac
  • Isabella
  • New-shade Chocolate
Lilac French Bulldog Puppy

Three Color Frenchies

The colors become increasingly rare with each additional color. The three color pairings include:

  • Lilac Platinum
  • Isabella Platinum
  • New-shade Lilac
Astro, Lilac Platinum

Four Color Frenchies

The most unlikely French Bulldog color from a mathematical perspective would be a four-color Frenchie:

  • New shade Lilac Platinum

A New Shade Lilac Platinum would contain two copies of Blue, Cocoa, Brown, and Cream. This rare-colored French Bulldog would have the hardest-to-find color genetics.

French Bulldog Patterns

The next thing you would look at is recessive pattern traits. They would include:

  • Long Hair (Fluffy)
  • Solid Colour
  • Pied
  • Black (non-brindle)
  • Intensity

Each additional trait would create a rarer French Bulldog.

Tan Frenchie
Tan Points are rare than Fawn and less rare than solid.

Rarest French Bulldog

That would make the rare French Bulldog a “Fluffy Pied Solid New Shade Lilac Platinum with Intensity”. If this French Bulldog exists, it would be the rarest we could think up. However, if you want some known Rare French Bulldogs, here are some you will be able to find:

  • Fluffy Lilac or Isabella Platinum
  • New-Shade Lilac with Intensity
  • Solid Fluffy Lilac or Isabella Platinum
  • Solid New-shade Lilac Platinum

You might be wondering about the Merle gene and if it is a rare gene. It is a dominant gene so every time a merle is involved in breeding, Merle is the result 50% of the time. Since you cannot breed two merles together (for health reasons), it would make them rarer than not. However, it is not a recessive, two-copy gene.

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