French Bulldogs are an amazing breed. They are very funny animals, they’re affectionate and very loyal, but they do have some unusual quirks about them so you should take the time to make sure they are a breed that will fit your lifestyle.

There are many ways a Frenchie can enhance your life. They are very family-friendly and great around kids. Frenchies love your attention more than anything in the world, and that does can at a cost. It’s not unusual for your Frenchie to be glued to you, and they want to be beside your feet and if you’re too busy for them, that isn’t an option they’re willing to consider. They are an emotional breed and as such, they can become jealous and act out in various ways if they are not feeling your affection. Frenchies wear their heart on their sleeve and if your house sits empty for a significant portion of the day,  this is likely to stress out a French Bulldog.

If you like to exercise, while I support your ambitions, your Frenchie may not have the same appreciation.  French bulldogs have lots of energy, however, they are also easily overexerted. They are not built to go on long walks and runs or to stay in the heat for long periods. Since they are a brachycephalic breed, they will have difficulty breathing when pushed too far which can lead to more serious issues. Frenchies are also not capable of swimming and need to be monitored very closely near water.

French Bulldogs are also not very well mannered. Frenchies make lots of noises when trying to sleep, they’ll twitch and move around, and are known for passing gas at the most inappropriate times. This is a small quirk that is embraced by many, but may not be your cup of tea!

Frenchies carry a very high price tag. These dogs will typically be sold between $3000-$10,000 depending on the color and structure of the Frenchie. If you are seeing prices below that amount, be sure to do your homework and make sure you’re not being scammed.  If you see a deal on a Frenchie that looks good to be true, it likely is.

The breed is also over-run with unethical breeding practices that can result in severe health complications, you should always pay the premium for a Frenchie that comes with health clearances from a reputable DNA test laboratory.

Frenchies aren’t generally known for barking and in my experience, they tend to be on the quiet side unless something really has them feeling uneasy.

Frenchies are great family pets and are great around children. They love being around people, they can become overexcited and take playing around a little too far so you need to exercise some caution as you should with any animal.

In densely populated areas, French Bulldogs have surged in popularity. Since they are just as happy being in a small space, they’ve been a great fit in condos and developments that don’t provide a large amount of land.

Overall, Frenchies are very adaptable and their primary needs are non-stop affection and don’t overexert them.  If this sounds good to you, dive a bit deeper into the breed and don’t rush any pet adoption decisions.


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