What is a Guardian Family (Co-Home)

A French Bulldog guardian home is a living arrangement in which an individual or family agrees to take care of a French Bulldog and provide it with a loving and supportive environment. This arrangement is typically made between a family and breeder, who will place a dog with a guardian home. This allows breeders to establish a loving family for their Frenchie from the start of their lives in order to provide a stable, high quality of life for them.

In a guardian or co-home arrangement, the dog is considered a member of the family and is treated with the same love and care as any other pet. The guardian family is responsible for providing the dog with all of its basic necessities. They are also responsible for ensuring that the dog gets regular exercise and socialization.

Decisions / Costs

In a French Bulldog guardian home program, the breeder retains ownership of the dog and is responsible for its medical care and breeding decisions. The guardian family must have a flexible schedule or allow the breeder access to the dog whenever a breeding is required. For Males and Females, the needs will be different.

In exchange for providing a loving home for the French Bulldog, the guardian may receive a discounted price on the dog when it is ready to be purchased. This can be a great way for individuals or families who are interested in owning a French Bulldog, but may not have the financial resources to purchase one at full price.

Male French Bulldogs Needs

The access requirements of a stud would be more frequent than a female, but for a much shorter duration. Each breeding requires the male 1-2 times for less than an hour. Sometimes the there are multiple breedings per month or on occasion, per week. There are sometimes periods where months may pass without a breeding. We generally have about a week of notice, but require flexible access when needed.

Female French Bulldog Needs

Once mature, the Frenchie will be bred up to 3 times. She will be required for various appointments during the breeding. At the time of birthing, mom and the pups will stay with us for up to 8 weeks. In some cases, the mom and pups can be cared for by the guardian family and we will oversee their health and well-being. There is approximately 10 months between breedings and they are performed back to back as that is the current veterinary recommendation. Our preference is for the Female to not be away from their guardian family any longer than necessary.

Overall, a French Bulldog guardian home is a wonderful way for individuals or families to experience the joy of a Frenchie while also helping to support responsible breeding practices. It is a win-win situation for both the dog and the guardian, and can result in a lifelong bond between the two.