French Bulldog Stud and Staci

Our Stud Service

We are excited to offer our CKC Registered French Bulldog Stud Service for use anywhere in North America. Our proven lines can help you create beautiful and healthy litters and we’re here to help you from start to finish. Mentorship is included in our Stud Service and we can ship chilled semen anywhere in North America.

Our Studs DNA

The selection process for our studs begins with several health clearances, proven lines, and French Bulldogs that are structurally correct with good, open nares. Furthermore, We look for parents that have been OFA tested and cleared. They are all screened for various genetic disorders associated with the French Bulldog breed and we can provide all DNA testing results upon request. All of our studs are clear of:

  • Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts (JVC)
  • Hyperuricosuria (HUU)
  • Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1 (CMR1)
C3 Clear French Bulldog Stud Aries on an airplane
We traveled very far to find the best French Bulldog Studs, such as Aries.

Cystinuria – C3 Clear French Bulldog Stud

The C3 marker is an indicator of elevated risk of bladder stones for intact males if two copies are present. When the offspring are going to be neutered, there is no need for a C3 clear Frenchie. However, if you plan to keep any male offspring intact or for use as a stud, you will want to ensure that no more than one copy of C3 is present. Having a C3 clear stud, such as Aries can guarantee this. This does not affect female French bulldogs.

Platinum French Bulldog Stud Astro
Astro is our Lilac Platinum French Bulldog Stud. He is our primary stud and has created several litters all across North America.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Clear French Bulldog Studs

According to every expert we have consulted, Degenerative Myelopathy does not occur in French Bulldogs and is a prevalent myth. One study is known to have inadvertently associated DM with French Bulldogs, and one of the lead authors of this study has provided clarity in this document. We have personally confirmed this with Dr. Jerold Bell. Most of our studs are clear of DM but still do not think you should not use this as a factor in your breeding.

French Bulldog Stud Semen/Sperm
A sperm-rich pellet after a collection’s been processed in a centrifuge.
French Bulldog Pedigree
CKC Purebred Pedigree – we can provide all documentation for our studs.

Stud Color Profiles

We tend to focus on Lilac French Bulldogs. We have a variety of Lilacs with different traits depending on the desired litter. All of our studs have been genetically tested for color and we have Frenchie studs with the following additional traits:

  • Tan Points (Double/Single Carriers)
  • Solid / No Brindle
  • Brindle
  • Fawn
  • Cream Carrying
  • Platinum
  • Pied
  • Long Hair (Fluffy)
  • Intensity

Our Lilac Studs will all have two copies of cocoa and two copies of dilute (blue). In some instances, where you may want to reduce the appearance of fawn in a litter, brindle may be preferable. We are happy to assist with litter projections as part of our stud service.

French Bulldogs Available For Stud

To guarantee one of our French Bulldog studs for use during your breeding, a small deposit will be required. If you are a new breeder, we are happy to explain the process to you and answer your questions. We have used our French Bulldog studs to produce several litters and have had an extremely high success rate.


French Bulldog Stud and Baby Girl
Astro is beautiful and has an amazing personality.

We have used Astro, our lilac platinum stud, in several successful litters across North America. He has the appearance of cream with light eyes/skin, but he is capable of producing blue, lilac, cream, and chocolate offspring. Many people assume Astro will produce cream/white puppies as a result of his appearance, but we usually match him with partners to produce lilac offspring. He will mirror whatever colors the female carries, therefore if they are unknown, he is a great choice if you want the best chance at a variety of color.

We have created multiple, large litters of 9 with this stud! He was born in 2020 and we could not be happier with the pups he has produced. However, Astro is slightly larger at 26 lbs, but his sperm counts are also incredibly high, which is the upside of choosing a larger stud.

Bezo/Elon – Lilac Brothers

Lilac French Bulldog Stud Bezos
Bezos is a compact lilac stud that knows how to accessorize.

Bezos is a compact lilac that comes from a proven sire and our very own girl, Hazel. Born in 2021, Bezos has a very similar twin brother, Elon that is also available on our stud service.

Elon Fluffy Carrier Stud
Elon, the Frenchie Stud catching some rays!

Both of these studs are about 22 lbs and carry tan points, cream, and one copy of the long hair (fluffy) gene. ​

Aries – C3 Clear

Lilac and Tan French Bulldog Stud
Aries, our Cystinuria 3 (C3) clear Lilac and Tan French Bulldog.

Our newest stud, Aries was born in 2022, and has passed some additional, rare genetic screenings. This makes him an excellent choice for producing more breed-quality Frenchies. Furthermore, Not only is Aries C3 clear, but he also carries a single copy of the IVDD gene, making it possible for him to produce offspring that are clear of IVDD.

We personally traveled over 2000 miles to Calgary (Canada) to bring him home and into our breeding program. He is brindle-free and has two copies of tan points. Additionally, Aries also carries one copy of cream and can produce lilac platinum offspring.

Frenchie Stud Service FAQ

Where are your French Bulldog studs located?

Many of our studs are co-homed across Ontario and will be brought to our home when breedings are taking place. Therefore, we can provide all breeding services from Bowmanville, Ontario, and can also meet at an agreed-upon veterinary office. We have completed many in-person breedings in the Toronto area as well as Barrie, London, Peterborough, Pembrooke, Oshawa, North Bay, Cambridge, Brampton, and Milton.

When is the right time to inseminate a French Bulldog?

We rely heavily on progesterone testing. When doing in-house breedings or shipping semen, this increases the odds of pregnancy significantly. You can learn more about timing here.

what should I expect from the French Bulldog breeding process?

When using our services, you will bring your female to our home on the optimal breeding day. We will perform the collection from our French Bulldog stud first and then invite you in for the insemination process. We will show you the sperm under a microscope.  The process generally takes about 15 minutes.

How many pups do you normally see in a litter?

On average, we see between 5-6. However, we have had two breedings that produced 9 pups.

What colors can your French Bulldog Studs create?

We have studs that can produce Lilac, Chocolate, Cream, Blue, & Platinum. They can also produce pied, tan points, and long hair (fluffy Frenchies). Contact us for litter projections and assistance selecting the right stud.

Booking Our Studs

Our French Bulldog Stud Service is available for local breedings or we can ship semen across North America. To Book one of our studs or for more information, you can call or text (519) 929-0739. Please reach out to us anytime for further information by email at or using the form below.