French Bulldog Stud Astro - Ontario

About Our Stud Service

Our CKC Registered French Bulldog Stud Service is available for use anywhere in North America. Our Studs are DNA tested and screened for health issues. Located in Bowmanville, Ontario, we can assist you with the entire breeding process from start to finish. Our services include:

  • Free Artificial Insemination for Local Breedings
  • Free Overnight Chilled-Shipping – Can/US
  • Mentoring Services
  • Includes Semen Processing and Extender
  • Progesterone Interpretation/Breed Cycle Planning
  • In-house preparation – Semen Washing/Centrifuge
  • Semen Analysis
  • Competitive Stud Fees
  • DNA Color/Health Litter Projections
  • CKC/AKC Registered
  • Vet Referrals

To guarantee one of our French Bulldog studs for use during your breeding, a small deposit will be required. If you are a new breeder, we are happy to explain the process to you and answer your questions. We have used our French Bulldog studs to produce several litters and have had an extremely high success rate.. You can also learn more about our semen collection and evaluation process here.

Our CKC/AKC French Bulldog Studs

  • Lilac French Bulldog Stud Ottawa,ON- Bezos

    Lilac French Bulldog Stud Ottawa,ON- Bezos

    About this Lilac French Bulldog Stud Bezos is an amazing, compact, and healthy Lilac French Bulldog stud located in Ottawa, Ontario. He is available for local breedings and semen shipping across North America. Bezos was born June 18th, 2021, and weights 22 lbs. He is a Lilac stud that carries a copy of cream (e)…

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  • Fluffy French Bulldog Stud – Elon -Toronto, ON

    Fluffy French Bulldog Stud – Elon -Toronto, ON

    Elon is one of the most powerful Fluffy French Bulldog studs you will find. While not a visible Fluffy French Bulldog, he carries one copy and can produce fluffy pups. Elon is an amazing compact, Lilac-Trindle. He comes from incredible lines and carries one copy of the long-hair (Fluffy) gene, and also one copy of…

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  • Lilac Platinum Stud – French Bulldog Astro

    Lilac Platinum Stud – French Bulldog Astro

    Meet Our French Bulldog Stud Astro Genetic Profile Lilac Platinum Stud – Astro Astro is the most versatile platinum stud we’ve ever acquired.  First and foremost, his DNA profile is four-panel medically cleared by UC Davis animal genetics. Our stud, Astro carries an incredibly unique DNA color profile that pairs well with many different color…

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Booking Our Studs

Our French Bulldog Stud Service is available for local breedings or we can ship semen across North America. To Book one of our studs or for more information, you can call or text (519)-929-0739. Please reach out to us anytime for further information by email at or by private messaging us on one of our social media platforms.

Frenchie Stud Service FAQ

Where are your French Bulldog studs located?

Many of our studs are co-homed across Ontario and will be brought to our home when breedings are taking place. Therefore, we can provide all breeding services from Bowmanville, Ontario, and can also meet at an agreed-upon veterinary office. We have completed many in-person breedings in the Toronto area as well as Barrie, London, Peterborough, Pembrooke, Oshawa, North Bay, Cambridge, Brampton, and Milton.

When is the right time to inseminate a French Bulldog?

We rely heavily on progesterone testing. When doing in-house breedings or shipping semen, this increases the odds of pregnancy significantly. You can learn more about timing here.

what should I expect from the French Bulldog breeding process?

When using our services, you will bring your female to our home on the optimal breeding day. We will perform the collection from our French Bulldog stud first and then invite you in for the insemination process. We will show you the sperm under a microscope.  The process generally takes about 15 minutes.

How many pups do you normally see in a litter?

On average, we see between 5-6. However, we have had two breedings that produced 9 pups.

What colors can your French Bulldog Studs create?

We have studs that can produce Lilac, Chocolate, Cream, Blue, & Platinum. They can also produce pied, tan points, and long hair (fluffy Frenchies). Contact us for litter projections and assistance selecting the right stud.