Puppy Lilac French Bulldog


Hi, Blufrenchibles Fans!

We hope your year has been off to a fantastic start! We have some exciting things happening in our breeding program that we wanted to share.  First off, congratulations to our recent families who we were able to put in touch with another incredible breeder who used our stud, Pluto to produce an incredible litter! We were overcome with happiness to see the excitement this brought to the families.

We loved the litter so much, that we decided to adopt another beautiful, healthy lilac girl into our breeding program. This is a sibling to our previous dam, Lexi. She is full of energy and an incredible pup. You can see her in action with Astro, and our baby girl, Capri on our youtube page here:

It will be some time until she can be bred, so we’ll be sure to share her cuteness and spunk in videos so you can enjoy watching her grow and progress. Her sister, Lexi we are keeping a close eye on and have yet to pinpoint her cycle, but she will likely be given clearance by a vet towards the end of 2021. Here is an updated look at Lexi. (left)



In the short-term, we do not have any anticipated (in-house) litters for 2021. However, we will likely be seeing similar breedings shortly that will be studded by either Pluto or Astro and we are happy to announce any of these opportunities to our followers.  Astro will be mature enough to stud in the weeks ahead and we believe he will be highly desirable to other breeders and there will be many amazing pups to look forward to. Many times these breedings are scheduled (we have several already), but sometimes a short notice breeding can occur and puppies can become available for adoption. We have decided to keep our waitlist closed until we are closer to having in-house breedings scheduled. We would add, that anything is possible and we are still looking to add one more Dam to our breeding program. If an opportunity comes up that we cannot pass on, we may find ourselves in a different position.

We continue to publish as much content as we can to our Youtube Page , Facebook, and Instagram. We would greatly appreciate it if you could follow us there to support our efforts and to get up-to-the-minute updates!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts, and we apologize to anyone we may not have had a chance to get back to. The number of inquiries we receive can be very high and difficult for us to manage since we are a small, family-focused breeding program. The best way to reach us is at staci@blufrenchibles.com.Unfortunately, we can not accommodate non-scheduled phone calls.

Please remain vigilant if you are looking elsewhere for puppies. Scams are still at an all-time high and we’ve heard so many heartbreaking stories.

Stay Safe in 2021!

Justin & Staci


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